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TERIX-Envirogaz Inc. - Company Profile

ORGANIC WASTE SOLUTIONS - Knowledge and equipment - anaerobic digestion and biogas refinery

Terix Envirogaz is a North American leader for the know-how and supply of equipment for anaerobic digestion of organic waste and biogas refining.

Our goal is to help North American customers eliminate greenhouse gas effects from landfills and create a reneweable energy source for transport applications.

Terix-Envirogaz provides engineering services and integrates equipment to meet the new challenges in managing organic waste municipal, commercial and industrial application. Our expertise is the transformation of organic by anaerobic digestion and biogas refinery in rder to produce energy for transport application like (CNG) or liquefied biomethane (LNG).

Our technology is high-performance, robust and flexible.

TERIX-Envirogaz Inc. is also partner and shareholder at 34% of La Société d’Économie Mixte d’Énergie Renouvelable de la region de Rivière-du-Loup (SÉMER).

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Partner in charge : 
Eric Tremblay.

exprolinkexprolink-photoEXPROLINK - Company Profile

Exprolink is a company dedicated to offering equipment, spare parts and service for the international solid waste and public works sectors.

To support all the equipment we bring to the market, Exprolink runs out of a 6,000 sf parts depot operations that can ship spare parts worldwide within 48 hours.

Exprolink's management and operational teams have a concrete and experienced background in the solid waste and public works industries, as well as, in customer service and support.

As a group, Viconnex' expertise, acquired through the team's years of operating in environmentally-related industries, assists major private waste management companies and government-run waste management operations to succeed in meeting and overcoming challenges they encounter in their day-to-day operations.

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Partner in charge : Jean Bourgeois.

omegaOmega FiltrationOmega Liquid Waste Solutions inc – Company Profile

Coming soon.

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Partner in charge : Jean Bourgeois.

permafibpermafib-photoPERMAFIB – Company Profile

Established in 1985, Permafib is a specialty manufacturer and installer of all-season, recreational, interior and exterior systems, which promptly achieved a solid reputation for delivering quality products and professional service to over a hundred cities and municipalities across the province of Quebec.

In 2011, the founder of Permafib, partnered with experienced associates to further grow the company by expanding the existing product platform and increase market share across Canada.

To learn more about our systems solutions, visit our product pages in the Rinks section.

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Partner in charge : Louis-Martin Durand.